Banner Engineering is a global leader in photo eyes, sensors, wireless sensors, vision sensors and vision lighting, machine safety, and indicator lights. (More)

TURCK industrial automation technology is focused on the factory and process automation industries. (More)

Red Lion provides sensors, counters and panel meters to monitor and display data within a plant or process. (More)

Kollmorgen offers electronic motor drives with advanced control technology, multiple fieldbus connectivity options, and control interfaces. (More)

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Emerson Electric provides industrial software, control systems and embedded computing platforms. (More)

GE’s differentiated Industrial Internet solutions optimize equipment performance and ensure reliable, efficient operations by connecting. (More)


From humble beginnings in Halver, Germany to a global company with 25 worldwide locations, TURCK has become a pioneer in industrial automation technology. Our mission, as a leading value-added supplier of products to the factory and process automation markets, is to provide customers with a comprehensive line of quality and advanced technology products in a fast, flexible and accurate manner.

TURCK is focused on the factory and process automation industries, and producing products that uphold uncompromising standards for reliability and functionality. We continue to advance our innovative technology to deliver unmatched product breadth, global accessibility and application expertise. Our knowledgeable sales, and highly trained support staff work with customers at every stage with hassle-free local or national service. From on-site consultations to building custom components, TURCK is committed to ensuring our customers have the most effective, economical products available.

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Banner Engineering

Banner is a global leader in photo eyes, sensors, wireless sensors, vision sensors and vision lighting, machine safety, and indicator lights. With worldwide distributors and thousands of products, Banner maintains a steadfast focus on attentive service and rapid customization.

Every year Banner releases hundreds of new products for industrial and process automation – helping customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes, and safeguard employees. And the firm continues to attract the industry’s top talent – inventive product designers, highly skilled application engineers, talented business managers and strong channel partners.

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Red Lion Controls

As the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, Red Lion Controls has been delivering innovative solutions to customers for over forty years. Red Lion first provided sensors, counters and panel meters to monitor and display data within a plant or process. Over the years, our product portfolio grew driven by customer demand, acquisitions and technology advancements to include HMI operator panels, protocol converters, Ethernet switches and cellular M2M routers.

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At Kollmorgen, improvement is perpetual. A principle known as kaizen, for “continuous improvement,” is a philosophy Kollmorgen has absorbed to our core, enabling a perpetual cycle of improvement in quality, delivery, cost and innovation. At the foundation of Kollmorgen is Danaher Corporation, our parent company. Danaher is a $12.7 billion diversified technology leader whose global footprint, product range and exceptional financial health (including four-fold revenue growth between 1998 and 2008) reward the principles of kaizen and enable us to improve, innovate and deliver.

Kollmorgen offers various electronic motor drives with advanced control technology, multiple fieldbus connectivity options, and control interfaces. We’ve put more torque and more features into a smaller package, so you can create a more compact and capable machine or vehicle. Choose from a broad selection of servo, stepper and vehicle drives in a wide range of input voltages and output power levels.

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Emerson Electric 

Emerson Electric provides industrial software, control systems and embedded computing platforms to optimize our customers’ assets and equipment. Our goal is to help our customers’ grow the profitability of their businesses through high performance solutions for today’s connected world. We work across industries including power, manufacturing, water, mining, oil & gas, defense and aerospace.

During the last two decades, we have grown and evolved, both organically and through acquisitions. Many leading brands have joined GE Automation & Controls, such as Total Control Products, CimWorks, DataViews Corporation, AFE Technologies, Computer Dynamics, VMIC, Intellution, SBS, Condor and Radstone.

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GE Digital

GE’s differentiated Industrial Internet solutions optimize equipment performance and ensure reliable, efficient operations by connecting machines, data, insights and people so you can maximize productivity, and profitability.

Historian from GE Digital optimizes asset and plant performance through time series industrial data collection and aggregation.

GE Digital’s HMI/SCADA solutions precisely monitor, control and visualize every aspect of operations for intelligent control. Plant Pulse Optimizer provides a panoramic view of all production activity for factory personnel via real-time, multi-shift based KPIs (intelligence for machine, material, labor and product) as scorecards.

GE Digital’s Manufacturing software lets you predict, adapt, and react quickly and effectively. Link design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and services into one globally scalable intelligent system.

PREDIX: The world’s first industrial operating system, Predix-based applications connect industrial assets, collect and analyze data delivering real-time insights for optimizing infrastructure and operations, including GE and non-GE assets.

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Automation Control Products (ACP)

ACP provides software solutions for automation networks that enable secure, centralized configuration and deployment of applications and content to every PC, thin client, mobile device and user. ThinManager® increases safety and security through powerful visualization and authentication features allowing you to reduce your maintenance and downtime by simplifying the management of all devices and users.

You can also go mobile with ThinManager’s built-in mobility solution, Relevance® – the only location-based mobile management platform that allows applications and content to be securely delivered to specific locations within your facility and nowhere else.

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Arista was incorporated in 1994, with a focus on providing the finest industrial rackmount solutions available. Today, Arista designs and manufactures a wide range of fan-less computers, industrial rackmount computers, powerful wallmount computers, long-life industrial displays, high reliability micro computers, shoebox computers, industrial tower computers, ruggedized tablet computers, embedded board computers and much more.

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AUTOSOL started as a systems integration and services company, initially to fulfill the need for a single communication hub to integrate and manage the communications between the various field devices and front end GUI’s. As a result, AUTOSOL shifted to development of software and software services to meet the demands of the ever-changing oil and gas industry.

The AutoSol Universal Communication Server (AUCS), combined several protocol drivers into a single host server able to communicate to a large number of client applications. As AUCS became more robust in features and supported protocols, the software was updated into our AutoSol Enterprise Server (AES). Today Autosol Communication Manager (ACM) is our third generation server with support for large SCADA and metering applications. Also released is the CryptoMod, a security gateway allowing legacy field devices not having IP technology to join the IIOT.

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Catapult Software

Catapult Software is a privately owned company supplying proven, reliable SCADA and process control systems worldwide. Electric power, oil & gas, water/waste water utilities and industrials have all built successful operations around Catapult Software’s SCADA and automation capabilities. Our particular area of expertise is Electric Utility SCADA, and we believe that delivering great customer support is our highest priority for such mission critical systems.

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Comark manufactures a wide array of standard and custom, high-performance computer solutions to suit each individual application Our products are designed to operate reliably in situations that would compromise most electronics. From industrial workstations, NEMA enclosures, all-in-one solutions, panel mount displays & PCs, military grade systems and custom kiosks, we have the product to fit your application. Comark supplies engineered solutions for Building Automation, Industrial Automation, Military/Mobile/Marine, and Retail Automation along with Self-Service Kiosks.

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Encoder Products

EPC manufactures the most complete line of incremental and absolute shaft encoders in the industry, meeting the diverse needs of a wide range of global customers.

Inventors of the original Cube encoder, EPC has also been responsible for a large number of “firsts” in the encoder industry, including the first use of Opto-ASIC technology and the first use of flex mounting for hollow shaft encoders, to mention just two. These innovations have not only been widely imitated, they have often become industry standards. The Cube Series is just the beginning of EPC’s full line of high-precision, rugged, reliable encoders available in all popular formats. The Round Series includes industry standard sizes 15, 20, 25 and 58. The Thru-Bore Series provides a wide variety of through shaft configurations for a broad range of industrial and motor control applications. The Absolute Series provides accurate positioning information even in the event of power loss.

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Eurotherm Controls & Drives

Eurotherm is one of the world’s best known suppliers of Control and Measurement Instrumentation to Industrial and Process Markets. We are part of Schneider Electric, a leading global automation and controls company. Eurotherm’s instruments are sold under five product brands: Action Instruments, Barber-Colman, Eurotherm Chessell, Continental Industries and Eurotherm Controls.

Eurotherm Controls was formed specifically to manufacture temperature controllers.

• Temperature Controls
• Power Controls
• Industrial Drives and Drive System

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Fortress Interlocks

Fortress Interlocks designs and manufactures safety access & control systems. Fortress offers an unrivaled portfolio suitable for applications across a wide industrial base from power generation and distribution, steel, automotive, recycling, building materials, through safeguarding robots and palletizers.

Fortress helps customers protect their human and capital assets. We create safe workplaces where employees are safeguarded from injury and plant is protected from damage.

Our products guarantee that actions and events are undertaken in a pre-determined sequence ensuring a safe working environment.

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Horner APG

Horner APG is part of Horner Electric Inc., founded in 1949 by George and Mary Horner. Horner APG’s leader is Phil Horner, the couple’s eldest son. The Industrial Sales and Service Group is directed by their other son, Alan. Both Alan and Phil grew up working in their family business and later developed their own areas of expertise. Phil’s interest is in the direction of industrial control systems and related products while Alan’s remains with the service and repair aspect that the company was founded on. The ISS Division now comprises the Apparatus repair shop, Field Service, Electro-Mechanical Diagnostic Services (EMDS) and Indiana Fan & Fabrication. There products include All-in-one Controllers, Expansion and Remote I/O, Control Software, and Control Accessories.

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For over 35 years LinTech has designed, engineered,and manufactured positioning components and systems for use in a wide range of Motion Control applications. With our commitment to service, technical support, and quick deliveries, LinTech can provide you with a high quality product for your present, or future automation task. Located in Southern California, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a high quality product in the shortest possible time.

LinTech manufactures a wide range of linear and rotary mechanical positioning motion control products, from profile rail linear guides to round rail linear bearings. We offer linear components to completely pre-engineered positioning actuators, slides, stages and tables. We also have rolled, precision rolled, and precision ground ball screw assemblies available in any length required for an application. LinTech’s products include Linear Actuators, Slides, Tables, and Rotary Tables.

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Ocean Data Systems Dream Report

Ocean Data Systems was founded in 2004, by a team of developers, experts in the needs of industry and the world of HMI/SCADA, Historians and data analytics. The team started their development, focused on delivering the easiest to use and most capable automated reporting environment, specifically designed for the automation world. Their creation is
Dream Report™.

Dream Report is the world’s most capable, on premise and web-enabled data integration and report generator, specifically designed for industrial automation. The product delivers a unique design and architecture, which contains a broad array of built-in functionality, required by both horizontal and vertical markets. Introduced in 2005, Dream Report has become the leading technology for industry, and continues to outpace other report generation toolsets in functionality, usability and ease of use.

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Parker SSD Drives

SSD Dritves division of Parker Hannifin Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of power conversion components, including industrial AC, DC and Servo drives and motors, grid tie inverters, and equipment for hybrid and electric vehicles. For over 35 years, SSD Drives has maintained a reputation for reliable and innovative products, applications experience, and global support.

In 2005, SSD Drives was acquired by Parker Hannifin Corporation, as a result of their desire to capture market share in the rapidly growing industrial automation sector. With annual sales exceeding $10 billion in fiscal year 2009, Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

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PULS Power SUpplies

PULS manufactures DIN-rail switched-mode power supplies, with a focus on standard units. The privately owned and managed company is headquartered in Munich, Germany. In December 2004, the company formed a strategic alliance with MGV, whose main business focus is on developing custom designed solutions for switched-mode power supplies.

As a reliable partner and manufacturer of switched mode power supplies at the forefront of technology, PULS GmbH supports its demanding customers by supplying the highest quality. The company’s innovative ideas in electronic development and highly functional mechanical design, put PULS into a leading technological position.

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Pyromation produces temperature sensing devices and equipment. With an onsite NVLAP accredited Metrology Laboratory providing temperature calibrations traceable to NIST standards for sensors and instruments – and same day, 24 or 72 hour express orders available on request – Pyromation delivers accurate measurement the first time, on time, every time.

Pyromation is an ISO 9001-registered, Lean manufacturing firm producing thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, connection heads and complete temperature sensor assemblies on location for use in a variety of industries.

Experienced, personalized service, quick delivery and a broad line of superior quality temperature sensing products provide the best solutions for all of your temperature measurement applications.

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QuickSilver Controls Inc.

QuickSilver Controls, Inc. is a motion control product manufacturer based in Covina California established in 1996. QCI markets high-performance, cost-effective motion control products, servo controllers and motors for use in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market. Our innovative approach to solving problems inherent to modern motion control has propelled QCI to the forefront of technology. We are continuously applying patented QCI intellectual property to solve new challenges in the motion control industry.

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SyTech XLReporter

SyTech has been providing report generation and analysis software for industry since 1991. We are recognized as a leader in advancing the technology used to automate and distribute reports in Excel, PDF and Web formats. Our innovative approach delivers products that are quick to implement, reliable and cost effective with implementations in 60 countries around the world. Our award-winning software XLReporter is endorsed by small municipal facilities as well as major international manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies.

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Thomson Linear Motion

Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 60 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognized and trusted as the global leader in mechanical motion technology.

Our family of linear and mechanical motion products also includes BSA, Neff, Tollo, Micron, Deltran and Cleveland – all now part of Thomson. With a world-wide service and support infrastructure, our field service engineers and support teams are available to assist whenever they are needed. Thomson’s web site contains a wealth of resources including: down-loadable 3D models, design tools, and product specifications

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Our Mission: Data management that brings you more certainty, safety and security to your production.

Versiondog gives users automated backup, version control and documentation of software versions, enabling them to detect and monitor all changes. Versiondog provides users with comprehensive support for centralized data management and device backup. Specifically developed for industrial automation and designed to work with all data and automation systems. Users benefit greatly from increased productivity, reduced downtime and a complete and comprehensive change history across all their production processes.

Today AUVESY’s comprehensive data management and software solutions has been implemented in around 1000 production facilities in more than 40 countries. Versiondog is acknowledged as the world leader in its field.

WIN-911 Software

WIN-911 Software was founded in 1974 in response to the growing field of process control automation, beginning by manufacturing alarming hardware devices Mobile-911 Alarm Notification for automated machinery. In 1993, the company launched the WIN-911 line of software products and has become the recognized industry leader in alarm notification software.

No matter what the device or network environment (smart-phone push notifications, web browser, analog or VOIP phone calls, SMS messages, email, in-plant announcement system, and other devices), WIN-911 is built to notify the appropriate person whenever an alarming condition arises. Plus, WIN-911 has a powerful logic engine that powers how an alarm escalates should it continue to be a problem.

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